Jaime’s First Post – Mobile Dating BootCamp

Jaime old photojaime31Oh how my profile needed some help!

Online dating expert Julie Spira and I emailed back and forth for a few weeks about my background, what I am looking for in a relationship etc. Last night we had our first phone conversation. We talked again about what sites I had been using for dating and then we went over my profile. First off, Julie told me I had way too many pictures up, I had 13 but she recommended having 5 up. I had always figured the more pictures the better, I am sometimes suspicious when someone only has a few pictures on their profile.

Julie told me not to give everything away in my profile, just to make it a bit of a teaser. I always had a picture of myself in a bikini, which she said is sending the wrong message. I had put it on the site because some of my guys friends that does online dating told me I should. I am looking for a serious relationship- I want to get married and have kids so Julie told me I had to take this picture down. The picture did get me a lot of attention, probably not the kind I am looking for!

We went over the rest of my profile, made some changes that will hopefully help! I am going to to play around on the Tinder and Match.com mobile apps and see how it goes!