Mobile Dating BootCamp According to Payal

Payal - 26Hi, I’m Payal.

I’m currently using the mobile dating apps for the sites Badoo and OkCupid.  How great is it to be able to browse pictures of potential dates on your mobile device at the touch of a finger? Beats checking office email any day! J

After having used both OkCupid and Badoo apps for about one week now, my number one pro about being able to have a dating app is getting notifications when someone is interested and messages you. Definitely gives you something to look forward to when you open the app each time.

Although I have used both apps only for a short period of time, I already have a preference to OkCupid (and not because it’s more popular). Badoo has some work ahead to make their app more user friendly and add more options for me to filter all the thumbnails of people online by my known preferences (height, sex, dating status, etc). In addition, at least the messages I have gotten so far from OkCupid men have some substance to them – highlighting that they actually read my profile and something intrigued them (doesn’t apply to 100% of OkCupid messages, but definitely a majority of them!).

This is definitely an interesting experience, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts again (hopefully with some stories on any interesting dates)!

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