Christine’s Day at iDate

Christine - UberHi, it’s  Christine reporting from Mobile Dating BootCamp.

It was great to be a part of Mobile Dating Boot Camp!  I had a lot of fun.  Uber was incredibly generous to give us all free round trips and their service was amazing.  As soon as I arrived at the SLS hotel, I felt like I was a celebrity.  When I exited my car, driven by Dixie I was interviewed.  I then got to meet the other 3 panelists, Scott, Jamie and Stephen, who were all so much fun.

We, together with Julie Spira, grabbed our complimentary lunch provided by the hotel and then we proceeded to do our on camera interviews.  After that it was panel time.  Everyone there was so fascinated by us…I felt like we were candy for them and that they really valued our opinions.  After all of the questions they asked, the panel ended and we were them swarmed by a few new app developers who wanted to show us their prototypes and hear what we thought.  There’s nothing I love more than giving my opinion, especially when I’m asked to do so, so I had a blast.  I’d definitely do another panel.

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Post iDate Date Update from Franklin

Franklin - 27Hi It’s Franklin.

What a terrific panel on Friday at the idate Mobile Dating Conference! It was phenomenal appearing before an audience of people dedicated to mobile and online dating. My mom always says that if you’re going to complain about a problem, then complain to someone who could act to resolve the problem. Well there were definitely some great points of feedback on Friday from everyone—and in front of people who would actually take our feedback and run with it!

Julie Spira was kind enough to let me tackle eHarmony, one of the crown jewels in the online dating world. The iPad app is so delicious. It gives the experience of all of the needed major options laid out on a table. Navigation is super simple, and the animated transitions are seamless, and setting up a profile was painless with a guided wizard walking through the key points of information needed.

Perhaps that summarizes the eHarmony experience: guided. They insist upon grabbing the user’s hand every step of the process. For example once you have decided to send a message with a user, they take you through Guided Communication. It’s a series of questions that you send to a user to see if they will respond, everything from “How many books did you read last year?” to “What are some of the most important marriage issues to you?”

I guess some people need some help with communication off the bat. Personally, I am far more used to introducing myself to someone in my own way based off of what they have in their profile. However this process takes the burden off of me to come up with an icebreaker—they are already there!

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