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StephenHi, it’s Stephen with my first blog post.

I have been testing out OK Cupid and How About We…

I find that many of the profiles on OK Cupid are actually real. This is surprising as it is a free service and one would think that it would have more fake profiles. However, considering that How About We is a subscription service, I think it actually had a couple fake girls. Both interfaces are very user friendly as far as updating profiles, searching dates and sending messages.

The principle behind How About We is that users post ideas that dates can respond to. Suggestions are streamed for daters to browse. I did notice another problem where I noticed many of the profiles had the same exact suggestion.

OK Cupid has been around a lot longer, so they’ve been able to perfect their software. I feel it’s fine the way it is, and if they make any drastic changes it would be a mistake. The most interesting feature is the match feature which tries to match dates according to specific dating questions and answers.

I’m hoping to have my first date this week and will keep you posted.

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