Stephen’s Date Update

StephenHi. It’s Stephen with my date update from Mobile Dating BootCamp.

They updated the How About We app for iPhone, and since the upgrade, the app constantly fails upon entering the message inbox. Other than that I find that posting a witty idea increases the likelihood of a response.

The common flaw of on-line dating: I nabbed a couple dates off OK Cupid and How About We over the past weekend, however none of the dates matched any of their photos, as they were either old or obscure.

I worked with Julie Spira who critiqued my profile to enhance my chances of meeting someone. I wondered if I had the right photos posted and if my description was too long/short? Julie helped me increase my dating probability by widening my age range, changed my primary photo which Stephen - Mobile Dating BootCampincluded a blurry photo of me and with two other women, which she said was a huge turn-off to women. We also included a bit more information on my profile.

Since the changes, I have locked down two dates already this week. Overall both applications were also helpful. I recommend OkCupid for those interested in a casual way of meeting people. I recommend How About We for the more serious daters.

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