Scott’s Date Update

Scott EisenHi! It’s Scott with a date update on Mobile Dating BootCamp.

I’m using Tinder and OkCupid mobile dating apps. Here’s my take so far:


I love the simplicity of the Tinder app! Its the opposite of your normal dating site. No self summaries. No questions. No personality profiles. Just a couple of photos and instinct. Sometimes its stressful to sort through profiles and read and analyze them and then craft careful messages. There’s something very appealing about just saying yes I’m attracted to this person or no I’m not and then moving on. Low effort requirements are appreciated. Every time I’ve got some downtime or 5 minutes to kill, I’ve been hopping on and just “swiping” girls. It’s nice because you lay a big foundation of “yes’s” and then matches just start to trickle in. Its kinda like a fun game. The downside is very little seems to materialize from the matches. I went on one date which was fun but nothing special. However, most of the conversations seems to die after only a few exchanges of instant messages. All the rating portion of the App is great, I find the messaging function to be clunky and it makes me want to switch to text with the girls ASAP.


There are so many people on OKC, it can be a lot of fun to go through their profiles and even more so their questions/answers. It’s a little voyeuristic. I also enjoyed answer the questions and finally called it quits around 200 and something. However, I really believe their system makes a lot of sense. Their personality assessment of me is extremely accurate and I have found a high degree of interest in many of my matches with high a Match % (>90%). I like that most of the site is free and all the different features it has. I’m particularly interested in trying some of these local meet ups or blind dates. I’m always interested in an adventure/story and these local meet ups seem like a fun way to get out of the house and meet someone interesting – regardless of match potential. I also have been exchanging messages with one girl who is a 96% match with me that I’m very excited about! So we’ll see how that goes….

I’m looking forward to the Mobile Dating Conference and to sharing my experiences.

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