Scott EisenHi. I’m Scott.

I just graduated from Law School and am looking forward to soon becoming a trial attorney.

I’ve been using the OkCupid and Tinder mobile dating apps for Mobile Dating BootCamp. However, over the years I’ve tried just about every online dating site out there.

I’m witty, a bit sarcastic (the East Coaster in me), outgoing, goofy, ambitious, hardworking, extremely loyal, and always trying to make the best of every situation. I enjoy museums, cooking, dinners out, dive bars, spending time with friends, reading, watching tv shows on dvd/dvr (so just so long as I have entire seasons at a time and can binge on them), traveling, looking at houses online (is this weird?), and probably a lot more. I’m always up for anything if I’m with people I like. I’m almost always chipper so it surprises people to learn I’ve never even tasted coffee. I just wake up like that.

I’m looking for someone who is smart, ambitious, funny (or at least thinks I’m funny), and loves animals. A competitive nature, appreciation for banter, or love of games wouldn’t hurt either!


  • Scott’s Date Update
    Hi! It's Scott with a date update on Mobile Dating BootCamp. I'm using Tinder and OkCupid mobile dating apps. Here's my take so far: Tinder I love the simplicity of the Tinder app! ...
    Posted on 6/4/13