Romy’s Date Update

Romy - Mobile Dating BootCampHi, it’s Romy with my first update using the mobile dating apps Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

So Tinder was fun, for about a half hour, at which point I realized that I’ve scrolled through a few hundred women and Liked maybe 80%, without any chat results. Then it occurred to me that a lot of these women haven’t logged onto the site in weeks. And if they do come back, they’ll have to scroll through probably hundreds of pics of guys before they get a chance to Like me back, generating a chat request. Fun idea, but without more real, active women using the site, it’s kind of pointless.

POF looked good on my Samsung Galaxy S3 with its vertical scroll and all, but shortly after using it I realized the last thing I want to do is be typing out messages on my phone. It became somewhat more tolerable when I paired my bluetooth keyboard to the phone, but at that point I have to ask myself — why am I using a mobile app instead of the desktop? As far as the experience goes, POF is significantly better for actually meeting people in my opinion. People don’t need to mutually Like each other to communicate, so all a girl has to do is sift through about 200 messages from horny old men and eventually she’ll see yours!

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