Online Dating Virgin: The First Week of Mobile Dating

Kyle - Mobile Dating BootCampHi. It’s Kyle again with my date update.

Alright. It’s been just over a week now and I’ve got enough stories to fill more than 100 blog posts. It’s been a trip. Since it’s been such a trip ,I decided to spill these posts into a fun story and then give thoughts on the applications for those looking  into which they should use.

Story of the week.

I was sitting at home one evening and received an alert on my phone that “GirlUser123” (not her real name) had visited my profile. Then a few moments later another notification that she wanted to meet with me. It’s late, but I’m thinking to myself ok, I’ll bite. So in return and I check out her profile, and in the next moment…I receive a message from GirlUser123. Now I’m with you all thinking whoa, Kyle…this is happening way to fast and looks shady. But I’m a nice guy so it dove in and started talking. Below is our conversation.

GirlUser123: “Hi”

Me: “Hey there”

GirlUser123: “Hi send me $400”

Me: “Ha seriously?”

My first reaction was simple this girl is crazy to think I would send her anything. Secondly, really? Really? I mean…you couldn’t push the conversation further BEFORE you tried to get money out of me (which I wouldn’t have even thought twice about not sending). Lesson hear kids…there are scammers out there on these sites just as everyone on the Internet so beware.

Review of Badoo.

Badoo is a well designed and developed mobile app. If you have an iPhone you won’t have any issues using it. The interface is super clean and works the way text messaging, email, and everything on an iPhone works. Their website is also done very well. Over I was very impressed with the amount of effort put in all around for their users.

Now I know not everyone wants to hear about the review of the product, but there is probably something you do want to know. That being the features that they offer you. With Badoo’s mobile app you’re able to see who’s visiting your profile, possible matches based off their algorithm (which needs a little work in my opinion), your favorites, and probably the neatest feature – people nearby. Most features are self explanatory however the people nearby feature is pretty neat. Badoo has build in a feature that allows you to see other users around in a given radius (5, 10, 20, or 50 miles). The cool thing is that it works anywhere. You could be in one city looking for date and then go to another city and meet someone who is just looking to dance.

In addition to some pretty neat features Badoo has also built a gamification reward system within their app. So as you complete a profile, find a match, etc you receive coins. These coins can be used to place you higher in search, gifts, and other fun things.

Overall, not a bad app. Badoo seems to have gotten it right.

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