Mobile Dating – Looking for Mr. Right

Payal - 26Hi everyone, it’s Payal with a date update about my Mobile Dating Bootcamp experience.

I’ve been diligently using both OkCupid and Badoo since my last post. Now with less than 28 hours until the iDate conference, I’m still looking for Mr. Right.

OkCupid still seems to have a better selection of men (and women for those of you looking!) than Badoo. Outside of my personal preferences, men on Badoo seem to have nothing to say except “hi” and makes my experience more like an instant messenger chat experience (like AIM or Gchat). It is also disappointing that there aren’t better filters like interests so I can have better luck in meeting someone.

I’ve been sending notes to guys on OkCupid and it doesn’t seem to be successful. Either they want to be the first to start a conversation with a woman or maybe I’m just not their type, who knows…? At first if you don’t succeed, try try again :-) So I’m still trying!

Looking forward to iDate!

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Mobile Dating BootCamp is led by online dating expert Julie Spira. Watch as 8 contestants try to find love from their mobile phones using the best mobile dating apps. Participants will be sharing their stories at the Internet Dating/Mobile Dating Conference.

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