Mobile Dating BootCamp According to Jen

JenHello single men on my iPhone! Mobile dating is definitely has been a fun way to break up my day. I get to browse profiles of cute single guys or see who has been checking me out!

I’ve been assigned OKCupid (OKC) and MeetMoi.

Let’s start with OKC. I like that the profiles allow users to be as detailed as you want to be. I also like that users can upload up to 10 pictures. OKC also gives you a “Quivermatch” of 3 matches based on how you answer your questions. This is nice because I’m always on the go, and this feature does the work for you. If you don’t like your Quivermatch, you can simply remove them and the system will find you new matches. One feature on OKC that I don’t want to use is “Locals”. You can broadcast a message to your potential matches to let them know you’re free, or suggest a place to meet. I’m not that aggressive and I don’t like the idea of just randomly meeting someone before getting to know them. I’m more of the “let’s take some time and get to know each other by exchanging some emails before we meet in person” type of woman.

On MeetMoi, the user interface is simple and intuitive. I have noticed, though, that most of the fellas on this site tend to only upload 1-4 pictures. I’m a visual person. If I am meeting you on cyberspace, I want to see more photos! MeetMoi doesn’t ask questions to the users like OKC, so I’m judging off of minimal photos, short profile descriptions, and user names.

So far, no dates set yet.  However, I’ve been sending winks on MeetMoi and rating profiles on OKC on the men that do spark my interested. We shall see!

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