John’s Story: Online dating in 2011 – Not sure what to make of it…

John T - Mobile Dating BootcampHi, It’s John with a date update on my Mobile Dating BootCamp experience.

I should start by revealing something rather personal about myself that might be a turn off to many readers – I am new to online dating. Honestly the thought of meeting someone virtually has always been a bit off-putting to me. Thus far it has been fascinating to be immersed in this world where people bear so much of themselves in the hopes to connect with that special someone (or in the case of one OkCupid user I stumbled upon, just a quick hookup to pass the time).

It was strange that OkCupid wanted to know if I thought nuclear war would be fun (seriously, is this helping me find my soul mate?). In the interest of being fair and balanced my experience has not been entirely negative, I was excited to discover some girls who seemed very cool and interesting. So perhaps there is hope for this old school dude in the fast and furious world of cyber-dating.

Overall, I would say that the mobile experience with all the services I have checked out is lacking and needs to focus more on connectivity for nearby users. The problem is that someone needs to be using that particular app and that’s a tough sell.

John will be a panelist at the Mobile Dating Conference Focus Group led by online dating expert Julie Spira. He’ll be talking  about which mobile app he liked best and his overall experience of the apps. Click here to visit John’s Mobile Dating BootCamp page and like us at

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