Joe’s 1st Blog – Mobile Dating BootCamp

JoeHi it’s Joe with my first blog post for Mobile Dating BootCamp.

I’m busy using the new mobile dating apps, Tinder and Let’s Date.

Tinder idea is great.  Connecting you with friends of friends and quick reviewing of potential people.  It’s execution is lacking somewhat.  It’s missing filters.  Many of the users are very young (18-23) and particularly attractive, which doesn’t make sense why they’d be on this app.  I wonder if they got added without their knowing.  The app also doesn’t pull meaningful information in, so it’s hard to know if someone would be a good fit.  Probably errored on too quick to adopt, which means people aren’t committed to using it.  It also doesn’t seem to have much user adoption. I haven’t had much luck connecting with people despite going through quite a few.

Let’s date is actually better for identifying people who could be a match.  It provides easy scrolling of pics and relevant info for making a match.  Given the higher admin burden to sign up, the candidates don’t seem as attractive as those on Tinder.  I’ve noticed you’ve got more artsy and creative types with tattoos and piercings.  Could just be my geography in LA.  I have used the swipe feature where you can point out what you do/don’t like, but it doesn’t really seem to work well.  Takes too much effort too.  I’d really prefer to state my preferences up front and then refine from there.  My guess is the user base isn’t large enough to build it that way.  This is consistent with me getting matches that are 30+ miles away from me.  I couldn’t date someone in Santa Barbara from LA even if they were a supermodel.  I did appreciate the idea of saying X of the next Y people are interested in you.  But when it doesn’t happen, it’s a bit discouraging.  Again probably comes back to not a large enough user base actively using the app.  I do have a friend who met some boys through it, so maybe I need to give it more time.

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