Joe’s Update

Joe - Mobile Dating BootCampHi, It’s Joe with my date update for Mobile Dating BootCamp.

I’m using Tinder, with very little response rate. Glad they added in the age filters since my last update. The matchmaker feature is interesting, although I don’t really see myself using it. The app really is tailored for good looking people as there’s very little content on there and it’s people’s best pics (5 max). Most the pics tend to be pretty artsy or with multiple friends, so you can get a good look at the person. And the minimal effort required to join means minimal interest in keeping up with it. Even when I did connect with a few people, they never responded again.

On Let’s Date, I’m just not a fan of the quality of the people on there. The only distance filter is region, e.g. Los Angeles. But includes all of the surrounding areas, which isn’t particularly useful. I don’t want to date someone in the OC or deep in the valley. As much as I x-out the things I don’t like, it doesn’t seem to matter because I keep getting similar people. I assume it’s because they have a limited user base, so they’re forced to suggest people that don’t fit your criteria. After 1+ month of using regularly, still not mutual interest thus far.

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