Jaime’s Date Update

Jaime - Mobile Dating BootCampI have been using the mobile apps for Match.com and Tinder. Tinder is actually pretty fun, almost like a game. You just drag a person to the plus or minus side if you like them or not. It also shows if you have mutual friends on Facebook, which is cool. One thing about Tinder is that there are a lot of really young people on this site, so you have to sort through a lot of people if you don’t want to date twenty year olds! I chatted with a few people and ended up meeting up for coffee with one guy. He was 37, I think and we actually had one mutual friend on facebook. Our first date went pretty well and I ended up meeting him for dinner later in the week. We had fun but I ended up feeling that we just didn’t have a lot in common so we parted ways.

On Match I have been on several dates, some good and some not great of course. I haven’t actually had any horrible experiences so that is good. Most of the people I have gone out with are very nice but there just may not be an attraction there. I did meet one guy for happy hour and it went well. I was attracted to him, we had a lot in common and ended up going on a few more dates. Recently I found out some things through facebook and instagram that just lead me to believe he isn’t really looking for a long term relationship so I have stopped seeing him.

Overall this has been a good experience but I will keep looking!!

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