Franklin’s Date Update – Mobile Dating BootCamp

Franklin - 27Hi, It’s Franklin. I’m checking in with a Date Update after one week of using the mobile dating apps.

I’ve read that online dating is a numbers game for men. The more messages you send, the more likely you are to receive a response. That has worked for me in the past, but getting any response isn’t the same as getting the exact response I want. That calls for a more tailored message on me to get the conversation started. MeetMoi and Skout vary in their ability to quickly send out messages.

So far, I think that Skout has an usability issue. Why do you have a chat button on the person’s profile name if it doesn’t work? I keep clicking it thinking I’m opening a chat to the person, but instead it takes me to a screen to add friends. Not quite an intuitive button, and I lose the profile each time!

I like MeetMoi. Fortunately I can get into the profile view and then click left/right to scroll through people and send them a quick message. Don’t understand the subject field. This is a text message, not a love letter. The subject is almost always understood. But I can definitely shuffle quickly through the profiles.
I’ll be checking out eHarmony this week and will be reporting in, but so far I like what I’ve seen after downloading the mobile app.
Hopefully there’s a feature out there that can help turn this number’s game around—so that I can have a quality over quantity kind of experience! No real substantive conversations yet. Maybe I need better opening liners than, “What’s your favorite restaurant in LA,” and “Nice profile picture, do you have any hobbies?” The profiles sometimes give me few clues to strike up a conversation!
I’m looking forward to the Mobile Dating Focus Group at iDate/Mobile Dating Conference at the SLS Hotel later this week!
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