Mobile Dating BootCamp According to Franklin

Franklin - 27So. Where are all the single women around me? That’s what mobile technology is supposed to do in situations like this: begin conversations with more eligible bachelorettes around me.

I have been assigned MeetMoi and Skout so let’s take a look. So I’m all signed up as “topsiders” (my favorite shoe. It’s an east coast thing, send me a message and I’ll explain!) Skout is a proximity-based app that filters pictures of women based on their location and interests. But, again where are all the women near me? And why don’t any of them seem classy and sophisticated? I judge by screen names as much as pictures, and “yurbabyzmama” and “sexcisarah” simply won’t get any messages or winks from me. I am topsiders after all.

A few thoughts:

  • Great that there is a free chat feature right away, but again with the picture problems, took me forever to upload a photo. This could be an issue with my phone and not the apps.
  • Cool push notification, “Someone checked you out.” Nice ego boost, although a little creepy?
  • Already engaged in a conversation. One lady had just one picture, a coffee cup. Pointed out that she looked hot and steamy. She replied you look blue (because I hadn’t uploaded a photograph yet).

Let’s talk about MeetMoi. It has a beautiful interface which I appreciate, plus I’m more likely to spend more time on this app because it’s nice to play with. Also, it’s trying hard to connect me with “introductions” to other people around me based on the information I sent.

I’ll flirt here, but I’m concerned about the selection. I’m sure there will be some gems in here, but not making any promises. Is there a polite way to say that these topsiders need their, um, TOMS?

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