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Christine - Mobile Dating BootCampSince I created a new OKC account, I’ve been visited by 30 people and have received ten messages…not a bad ratio for online dating!  Only issue is I’m not attracted to a single one of them.  :(

I got a delightful message from another 50+ year old man:

“I offer romance, respect, and never ending friendship. I have deep experience in many explorations that may interest you. I have lived in Europe and Asia as well as North America. I have virtually explored Mars with a camera I built that landed there. I have invented technology that has touched your life. You intrigue me. I hope you will find my combination of attributes attractive. Please let us meet in person so my passion for life can elevate our conversation to a captivating level!”

I downloaded Tinder for the fun of it.  It’s like boyfriend shopping!!  And you can easily play around it with with your friends while you’re waiting for drinks or food while out.  Granted, a lot of the guys are just looking for a quick hook up, but I’ve had a few fun conversations…that led nowhere.  It’s also a great ego boost.  I’ve had 27 matches since signing up on Friday afternoon, four of whom have sent me a message.  I wish that ratio were higher, but to be fair, I’m not taking the initiative either.  I think part of that is because I like to be pursued, even just a little bit.  If he already knows I think he’s attractive, why not reach out to me?  One thing I also really like about Tinder is that only mutual matches can send you a message.  That’s a lot of saved “wasted” time.  :)

As for eharmony, I got 25 multiple choice emails from guys.  I’ve responded to 4 and last night reached out to three more of my matches (2 have already replied.)  It’s all multiple choice, which is weird, but I’m seeing where it goes.  At least it requires effort so I’m assuming the guys are looking for something more and a “buddy.”

I’ll keep you posted!

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