Christine’s Date Update on Harmony

Christine - Mobile Dating BootCampHi! It’s Christine with a date update from Mobile Dating BootCamp.

We’re just one day away from meeting everyone at the Mobile Dating Conference in Beverly Hills and Ithought I’d share my thoughts on eHarmony’s mobile dating app.

I’m still messaging with the same three guys. It’s getting to novel length! At least that’s now it looks like on my cell phone. I’ve also sent a few multiple choice (mcs) things to other guys but haven’t gotten any responses. No new guys have sent me mcs either. Actually, funny coincidence, one of the guys JUST messaged me and has asked me out towards the end of the week. I’m very excited to actually meet someone in person!

The app itself is fairly easy though I wish there was an easier way to handle notifications. I don’t want a notification every time a guy looks at my profile and THEN sends me the mc thing. That’s already 2 notifications for a guy I’m potentially not interested in. But on the flip side, I would like to know when someone has sent me a message that I’m already in contact with. There should be an easier way to filter. I also haven’t been able to figure out how to “hide” the matches I’m not interested in, so I have a really long list and it’s hard to scroll to the ones I could possibly like. I know there’s a way to do it….

Tomorrow, I’ll share my thoughts on OkCupid  and Tinder before getting into my Uber limo ride to the SLS Hotel for the iDate/Mobile Dating Conference.

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