Christine’s Date Update

Christine - Mobile Dating BootCampHi, It’s Christine with my date update for Mobile Dating BootCamp.

I’ve gotten 16 new OK Cupid messages.  I’ve responded to one, mostly because I felt bad that I’m not attracted to any of the guys messaging me.  And one message from a good friend of mine who got matched to me.  We had a good laugh.

I’ve had 19 matches on Tinder and four have messaged me.  Mostly “How do you know Mutual Friend #1” or just the generic “Hi, I’m Guy’s Name.” to which I respond and then nothing.  It’s still really fun though!

Eharmony has been good.  It requires a lot more effort than OKC and Tinder so once the guys end up messaging you, they’re writing small novels.  I’ve made it to “eharmony mail” with three guys, all of whom seem nice, who are interesting and are not just trying to get in my pants.  None have asked to meet in person yet, but I guess it’s still early.

I’m looking forward to the Mobile Dating Conference at the SLS Hotel.

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