Christine’s Date Update – OkCupid and Tinder

Christine - Mobile Dating BootCampHi! It’s Christine with my last blog before I head over to the Mobile Dating Conference.
Here’s my date update for OkCupid and Tinder.
OK Cupid:  RE: notifications,  I don’t need an email every time someone “chose me!” or when someone is “checking me out right now!”  That does nothing for me, especially since those are the guys who never bother to message me.  I’m starting to view those msgs as spam, which an app never wants.
As for the guys, I’ve been visited by 30 guys since June 2nd and have gotten 13 new messages in the past week from different guys (most of them are rated 27%-47% compatible with me…)
I have been messaging three.  One is the same guy as last week (the one I wasn’t really into) and it looks like he’s just looking for a pen pal anyway.  Another I reached out to…he answered my questions but didn’t ask me anything in return, which seems to be a frustrating trend on OKC.  Why respond to someone if you don’t want to know anything about them?  Or are they just so socially awkward that they don’t realize that’s the polite thing to do?  And the third guy has only asked me about acting advice, which is annoying.  My OKC does not say “looking for friends.”
I have no desire to ever try the Crazy Blind Date portion of the app.  Based on the guys who have been looking at my profile and the kinds of inane or downright sexual advances I’ve received in initial messages, I don’t want to deal with that amplified in person where I can’t delete the message and move on to the next guy who could have more potential.
Tinder:  Not sure I mentioned the first ever messaging encounter I had with a guy on this app.  If not, here’s the gist…it’s pretty amusing.
Jay* (I’ve changed his name) greeted me and asked me what I was up to.  He then proceeded to invite me to “stop by his office.”  When I declined that he said “then should I come to your place? If you comf.”
I was unfamiliar with what the abbrev “comf” stood for so my friend and I googled it…I’ll let you do that on your own.
I called him out on it and he tried to backpedal saying he meant “comfortable.”  I didn’t respond.
Well, two days ago (2 weeks after the “comf encounter”) he messaged me again.  Guess he couldn’t take my last three hints!
As for the app itself, I really like all of the changes they’ve implemented with the newest update.  You can now choose your desired age range (no more 20 years olds or 50 year olds!) AND distance (no more dudes in the OC or Calabasas!)

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