Stephen’s Journey – Mobile Dating BootCamp

StephenHi, it’s Stephen with my first blog post.

I have been testing out OK Cupid and How About We…

I find that many of the profiles on OK Cupid are actually real. This is surprising as it is a free service and one would think that it would have more fake profiles. However, considering that How About We is a subscription service, I think it actually had a couple fake girls. Both interfaces are very user friendly as far as updating profiles, searching dates and sending messages.

The principle behind How About We is that users post ideas that dates can respond to. Suggestions are streamed for daters to browse. I did notice another problem where I noticed many of the profiles had the same exact suggestion.

OK Cupid has been around a lot longer, so they’ve been able to perfect their software. I feel it’s fine the way it is, and if they make any drastic changes it would be a mistake. The most interesting feature is the match feature which tries to match dates according to specific dating questions and answers.

I’m hoping to have my first date this week and will keep you posted.

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Joe’s 1st Blog – Mobile Dating BootCamp

JoeHi it’s Joe with my first blog post for Mobile Dating BootCamp.

I’m busy using the new mobile dating apps, Tinder and Let’s Date.

Tinder idea is great.  Connecting you with friends of friends and quick reviewing of potential people.  It’s execution is lacking somewhat.  It’s missing filters.  Many of the users are very young (18-23) and particularly attractive, which doesn’t make sense why they’d be on this app.  I wonder if they got added without their knowing.  The app also doesn’t pull meaningful information in, so it’s hard to know if someone would be a good fit.  Probably errored on too quick to adopt, which means people aren’t committed to using it.  It also doesn’t seem to have much user adoption. I haven’t had much luck connecting with people despite going through quite a few.

Let’s date is actually better for identifying people who could be a match.  It provides easy scrolling of pics and relevant info for making a match.  Given the higher admin burden to sign up, the candidates don’t seem as attractive as those on Tinder.  I’ve noticed you’ve got more artsy and creative types with tattoos and piercings.  Could just be my geography in LA.  I have used the swipe feature where you can point out what you do/don’t like, but it doesn’t really seem to work well.  Takes too much effort too.  I’d really prefer to state my preferences up front and then refine from there.  My guess is the user base isn’t large enough to build it that way.  This is consistent with me getting matches that are 30+ miles away from me.  I couldn’t date someone in Santa Barbara from LA even if they were a supermodel.  I did appreciate the idea of saying X of the next Y people are interested in you.  But when it doesn’t happen, it’s a bit discouraging.  Again probably comes back to not a large enough user base actively using the app.  I do have a friend who met some boys through it, so maybe I need to give it more time.

Jaime’s First Post – Mobile Dating BootCamp

Jaime old photojaime31Oh how my profile needed some help!

Online dating expert Julie Spira and I emailed back and forth for a few weeks about my background, what I am looking for in a relationship etc. Last night we had our first phone conversation. We talked again about what sites I had been using for dating and then we went over my profile. First off, Julie told me I had way too many pictures up, I had 13 but she recommended having 5 up. I had always figured the more pictures the better, I am sometimes suspicious when someone only has a few pictures on their profile.

Julie told me not to give everything away in my profile, just to make it a bit of a teaser. I always had a picture of myself in a bikini, which she said is sending the wrong message. I had put it on the site because some of my guys friends that does online dating told me I should. I am looking for a serious relationship- I want to get married and have kids so Julie told me I had to take this picture down. The picture did get me a lot of attention, probably not the kind I am looking for!

We went over the rest of my profile, made some changes that will hopefully help! I am going to to play around on the Tinder and mobile apps and see how it goes!

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