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Joe’s Date Update – Mobile Dating BootCamp

Joe - Mobile Dating BootCampHi, it’s Joe checking in with a Date Update for Mobile Dating Bootcamp.

I had a chance to play with the Blendr mobile app.

I wasn’t sure how multiple dating apps would differentiate themselves. Religion, seriousness of relationship and ethnicity seem to be the common boundaries for the online sites.

It became quickly apparent that by knowing your geolocation, a whole new world of possibilities are available. From the casual “you’re down the street from me” to the “we both like doing the same things and live nearby” – Blendr has captured this modality. You can search nearby people for similar hobbies. It’s a breeze to set up if you’re willing to import your social media profiles. I wasn’t, but it was still quick to put in your info.

At the time I first tried it, I was not near any major city and it was a beautiful Saturday. I searched without any filters and didn’t find anyone within 25 miles. There were only about 20 people on the service then. That’s really the drawback. If Blendr can’t get traction of their app with users, it’s just not that sticky. I’m not going to commit a lot of time for 20 people. I’m glad they’re not like some other sites that add fake profiles to get you to join. I’d like to check back with Blendr in a few months and see if their user base has grown. Definitely a great idea though.

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Mobile Dating BootCamp is hosted and led by mobile and online dating expert, Julie Spira. Visit to see what the contestants are up to. Many of them will be participating in the first-ever mobile dating focus group at the iDate/Mobile Dating Conference in Beverly Hills.

Mobile Dating BootCamp According to Joe

Joe - Mobile Dating BootCamp“Online dating has come a long way. I remember back to the days where meeting people through Craigslist wasn’t uncommon (not casual encounters either) and online dating was randomly messaging people through AOL instant messenger.

I’m using SKOUT, where you literally have instant thumbnails for people in your area. I’m not sure how dating could get any easier, other than working the door at the Playboy mansion. SKOUT was quick to download and took minimal time to set up a profile. I’ve spent hours honing online profiles and found that it doesn’t get you much further than a photo and some quick details. SKOUT has clearly figured that out. I like that it’s based on geography, because living far from someone in LA is a deal-breaker for me and most people I know. Other sites only limit you to 25-mile minimums unless you pay for the service, so you’re including people in territories unknown.

The one thing I didn’t quite understand with SKOUT is the coin/point system – where’s the free Ms. Pacman game? I figured the ever-changing ads would be sufficient. Although I don’t have any good news to report with the two women I messaged, I feel the talent is much better than other free dating services I’ve come across.”

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